Blood Angel Intercessors painting diary

My final squad of miniatures from the First Strike starter set did not begin well. I had spray-primed them black alongside my Reivers, but after base coating those by hand in red I wanted to try a second layer of spray paint for the Intercessors. Unfortunately, my can of Mephiston Red was inadequately shaken on a hot, sunny dry and held too far away… with the result that the miniatures ended up with a horrible, grainy texture which would come away at the gentlest touch. They were ruined!

Well, not quite. I knew how to remove paint from old-school metal miniatures, and that it was possible to do the same on plastic – just not with acetone.

The most time consuming part of painting this squad was, ironically enough, figuring out how to remove that bad paint job whilst living in a country where I am wholly unable to read the small print on bottles of domestic chemicals. I bought three different products and tested them in parallel; a fine application of the scientific method except that none of them worked at all. Eventually I learned where I could buy 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, and bought a rather small and expensive bottle of a product designed for cleaning muck off vinyl records. Fortunately this stuff did the trick, and after a few soak & scrub sessions I had almost all the paint off. Continue reading

Bone Golem painting diary

As I sank blissfully into my new painting hobby, I found myself regularly visiting my “Friendly Local Game Store”, the Helsinki branch of Fantasiapelit. As well as Games Workshop and Citadel products they stock Army Painter paints and peripherals, and a wide variety of miniatures including cheap blister pack minis from Reaper, the D&D brand and others (not to mention an excellent board game selection and an entire aisle of manga I studiously ignore).

One of the coolest miniature designs among these cheaper brands was a ‘Bone Golem’ from Wizkids, which was under five euros and looked fun to paint.

I also wanted to try some paints that weren’t from Citadel. I’d heard great things about Vallejo but, after speaking to one of Fantasiapelit’s employees, it was clear they were only stocking Citadel and Army Painter. So, Army Painter it was! I bought a starter set of 10 paints (8 regular, 1 metallic, 1 wash) including a brush and decided to use only these for the Bone Golem. Continue reading

Blood Angel Reivers painting diary

Sadly, I did not record any notes during or after painting this squad of Reivers, so this will be a fairly short diary.

The starter set of paints I had provided everything needed for Death Guard and Ultramarine colour schemes. Unfortunately I’ve never been terribly interested in the Ultramarines; they’re too danged codex compliant, rule-abiding and blue.

Fortunately the paint set did include Mephiston Red, which turns out to be a good base colour for Blood Angels. I find the lore around the Bloody Angles suitably interesting and tragic, and my girlfriend’s favourite colour is red, which boded well for persuading her to play the game with me… so Blood Angels it was.

I ended up buying extra pots of Chaos Black and Mephiston Red to ensure I had enough, plus a pot of Troll Slayer Orange which I’d read would be good for edge highlights over Mephiston Red. I also bought a spray primer of Chaos Black to save myself some effort with an undercoat over the Ultramarine-friendly blue plastic of the miniatures.

You’ve probably noticed already but Citadel paints have fun names that suggest little to nothing about what a colour will look like. Who the fuck is Mephiston? What is “chaotic” about this black paint? Continue reading

Death Guard painting diary

Cut to May 2020, where I pluck from a shelf the neglected Warhammer 40,000 starter set and paints that I’d been gifted a few years before, and sit down to paint a miniature. Our establishing shot runs into a timelapse, showing how I enjoy the process and – over the next several months – paint all of the Death Guard miniatures in that starter set: three Plague Marines and six Poxwalkers.

In a future post I may unpack my history with Warhammer, explore why I have returned to the hobby – and why now – as well as attempt to articulate why I’m finding it such a positive experience.

For now, though, I’ve decided to diarize my painting projects here on this erratically-updated blog. Although I’ve only 15 miniatures under my belt I’ve already learned and progressed noticeably in competence, technique and available equipment. I don’t want to forget the lessons I’ve learned or the experiences that generated them. So without further ado: here are the miniatures! Continue reading