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Thimbleweed Park

by SCG
A screengrab of a Thimbleweed Park book cover.

Earlier this year I finally dug Thimbleweed Park from my bottomless bag of acquired and unplayed videogames. For those unfamiliar, this is the crowdfunded traditionalist point-and-click adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the duo who co-designed Maniac Mansion many years ago.

I found Thimbleweed Park a mixed bag. Jokes ranged from mildly amusing to flat; the setting a mixture of try-hard zany and odd, fun little ideas; characters were similarly variable. But I did enjoy some of the puzzles and it was a nice, sedate game to play over the holidays. Reviews I’ve read suggest the game’s plot coheres and its characters come to life as you move beyond the first act, so I’m optimistic I will return to it one day.

When I found the extensive library in the game’s own maniac mansion, I was reminded that I had written and submitted some books for inclusion a few years ago. And after a quarter of an hour of very old-school pixel-hunting, I’m pleased to say I’ve found all five. So here they are!

Cover of 'The Caverns of Coraxis', by Ian Weirdstone
'Buck Starman: Ergon Peril', by Stilgar Trout
Cover of 'Buck Starman: Ergon Peril', by Stilgar Trout
'Buck Starman: Ergon Peril', by Stilgar Trout
'The Thimble: A History', by Frenzel Thomb
‘The Thimble: A History’, by Frenzel Thomb

'Red Justice', by Thomas Fancy
‘Red Justice’, by Thomas Fancy

'Collected Reviews 1986-1987', by Harold Ford III
‘Collected Reviews 1986-1987’, by Harold Ford III

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